Influence, the psychology of persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say yes — and how to apply these understandings.

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As humans, every single day we are either trying to persuade others for something or are in turn getting persuaded for something.

The ability to persuade others to buy something from you or like you or agree with your point of view is an extremely desirable skill. The question is how do you develop that skill when humans are inherently unpredictable.

This books aims to demystify the psychology behind how humans are persuaded. …

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28th April, 2020 — The day I made a switch to a fully remote company. Over the past 10 months, I have had some great learnings about product management, productivity and collaboration.

One learning that has stood out for me is the art of communication. Communicating effectively and efficiently in a remote setup is an incredibly hard thing. Gone are the days when you could walk to someone’s desk and discuss ideas or brainstorm solutions.

Talking to someone in real-time means that you either block a time on their calendar or give them a call (which can be considered intrusive…

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“Hey, is the testing done for this?” I asked the QA engineer Q.

Q responded, “No, we haven’t received it for testing from the developer yet.”

I was hearing the same response on the third consecutive day.

Exasperated, I looked at the developer, D. “What’s the issue man? What’s taking it so long? You know we decided a deadline for it?”

D looked at me sheepishly. “Actually code review is pending.”

I shot back “Its been pending since the last three days. When it will be done?”

The Team Lead T said guiltily, “I haven’t gotten the time to review…

#5: Didn’t cultivate a good working relationship with my boss

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It was somewhere around June, 2019.

I was staring at the email on my computer screen.

It was from my boss.

It went something like, “I won’t allow you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with me until you have demonstrated sufficient progress on the tasks that were previously assigned to you.”

Now, I consider myself a tough guy. I have been battered with slippers/insults both at home and at college.

But getting blasted at the workplace was something new.

The email bruised my ego pretty badly. I stopped doing my…

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QA — The unsung superheroes of software teams who ensure that only bug-free and quality products are shipped.

In agile teams, there exists an inherent conflict between QA and engineering. One wants to ship it asap and the other wants to ensure a bug-free product before giving a sign-off.

I have experienced this conflict multiple times. You decide upon a release date. Things seem to be perfectly on track. Then suddenly, 1 or 2 days before the release, you get an onslaught of bugs being reported.

By the time you realize, the feature is already delayed by few days (and…

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Go and talk to your customers” is the advice given to every entrepreneur out there. Only after we talk to customers, can we understand their needs and goals.

However we commit a lot of mistakes during these “customer interviews” and end up with insights that are not useful.

The Mom test is a book by Rob Fitzpatrick that will help you understand how to hold insightful customer conversation and know if your business idea is actually worth it. The content of the book makes it extremely useful for entrepreneurs, product managers, user researchers and sales professionals.

It offers some fantastic…

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The good thing about product management is you get to do so many different things. The bad thing about product management is you have to do so many different things.

When you juggle a lot of responsibilities, the scope for making mistakes and missing crucial things increases.

As a product manager working in a startup, I often have to manage multiple things. Thus, I am always looking for ways to become more productive and efficient.

One solid ally that I have discovered in this journey has been the humble checklist. Checklist is a wonderful tool that offers myriad benefits. It…

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Slack: The place where work happens.

As a fully remote worker for the last six months, Slack’s tagline perfectly sums up the pivotal role played by it in our organization.

It’s a fantastic tool indeed, having all but replaced Email as the mode of communication within our organization. Its feature richness, pleasing UI, integrations with other apps and playful tone of communication make it a delight to use.

Yet, I have a pet peeve associated with today’s workplace communication tools. Instead of helping us become more productive, we end up letting these tools make us more distracted. …

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Meet Jake.

Jake has recently joined a company in a managerial role.

He is finding the workplace a bit of a challenge. He needs to simultaneously manage multiple things. He is always chasing deadlines that sneak past him unnoticed. He has recently made some silly, avoidable mistakes which have left him frustrated. Also, he spends most of his time on routine work, with little time left for creative work.

Do you find Jake’s situation relatable?

If you do, then I have got some really good news for you.

There is a surprisingly simple solution that can help Jake and you…

Pro-Tip: Transition to a strategic role as soon as possible

Meme showing how different groups— friends, teams, family etc perceive the job of a product manager
Meme showing how different groups— friends, teams, family etc perceive the job of a product manager
What does a Product Manager really do? Image by Product School

Product Managers— Everybody wants them but only a few are sure what to do with them.

A Product Manager can be considered as Jack of All, master of none. In a lot of companies, their scope of work is very loosely defined. As a result, it tends to expand whenever a task comes up for which no one else is directly responsible.

Thus, you have the “always busy” product manager, who is constantly juggling meetings and responsibilities. Their job is to run around, execute the orders of the upper management, push the developers hard and get things done. …

Vikram Goyal

Currently PM@Airmeet — building a kick-ass product for conducting remote events and conferences.

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